MyPad painting by  tony ogle

MyPad painting by tony ogle

About MyPad

Created from a belief that building shouldn’t be complicated, and architectural design can be accessible to all, MyPad was born in 2014.

Founders, Sarah and Ben Lay are an enterprising duo who keep the entire building project under one roof. After running a local high-end construction company for many years, the pair decided to pare-back the process, without compromising on style or quality. MyPad design and build is lean enough to keep costs in check, but resourceful enough to create your ideal home or bach.

By offering a simpler design, price and build package, MyPad have filled a much-anticipated gap in the market, and clients are thrilled:

My Pad is a design-build, husband and wife team - a unique combination of a talented architectural designer (Sarah) and a first rate builder (Ben). They offer a simple but elegant modular house plan that lends itself to a variety of configurations and materials. Highly organized and professional, MyPad kept our project on track without a hitch. If you are looking for a beautifully built home you should hire MyPad.
— Fred Mann

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

About Sarah & Ben:

Beginning her career 20 years ago with an iconic house-building company, Sarah saw first-hand how strong relationships can make all the difference, and is still collaborating with many of the same team two decades later.

As an architectural designer, she has worked with award-winning architects on residential, retail, hospitality and commercial projects. In 2005, a move to Mangawhai saw her focus on high-end beach houses and set up a local branch of a Parnell-based company.

Before tilting the complex building process on its head, and starting MyPad, Sarah also played a lead role in Ben’s building company Mangawhai Construction.

Ben has been building for more than 25 years and regularly receives client feedback along the following theme: “Conscientious operator, on-budget, excellent workmanship and great communication.” MyPad has the benefit of working with the same suppliers and sub-contractors that Ben has worked with since starting Mangawhai Construction in 2008.

Ben and Sarah apply a less is more philosophy to MyPad, and choose to work on a limited number of projects at any one time. This keeps them energetic, hands-on and responsive to their clients.